Baobab began as a relatively small cafe with around 24 seats, in what is now known as the ‘green room’. It soon expanded into the long abandoned and overgrown empty section behind the cafe. With the help of numerous volunteers, the rubbish and overgrown shrub was removed to create Baobab’s ‘secret garden’, one of the largest outdoor dining areas in Wellington, a favourite spot for locals to soak up some sun.

Then in 2011, when the adjacent shop was vacated by the previous tenants, the decision was made to expand again. This was a major challenge, as numerous hurdles arose from this undertaking. However, conquering all the challenges laid out was inevitable and once the process was complete, Baobab had doubled its interior space! This has enabled them to accommodate a larger number of guests and host many gigs and private parties.

Baobab is proud to be part of the creative and vibrant Newtown community, and is seamlessly integrated into its diverse ethnic and alternative culture. The cafe has become part of Wellington’s history too—the courtyard was laid with pavers from one of the city’s most infamous pedestrian thoroughfares, Manners Mall, which was dug up by the Council and turned into a bus lane.

As Baobab continues to thrive and grow, the business constantly evolves through refinement of systems and attention to detail. Long may the journey continue!